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Another Terror Attack at Damascus Gate

Israel news:

The government responded to the Supreme Court demand to explain why they disagree with the mediator’s agreement for the Hadassah children’s oncology crisis. They said: “we’re not opposed to having some of the doctors go to Shaarei Zedek hospital but we will permit it only limited to a small amount of doctors.” In the beginning of next week it is expected there will be another session about this.

Israel foreign ministry issued a warning that Israelis should not travel to North Korea.

Israeli cyber security companies believe the hacker that did the cyber-attack on the Israeli hospital was a Palestinian from Hebron.

Another Damascus Gate terror attack: An Arab refused to identify himself when stopped by border police. He attacked and injured a border policeman. He was taken in for questioning.

World news:

President Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel met and had an hour discussion North Korea and other topics.

Russia defends North Korea’s missile launch and opposed the denouncement of the isolated country at the UN Security Council meeting which denounced North Korea for the missile launch.

The Palestinian foundation survey found that a full 47% of Gaza residents want to leave it and emigrate elsewhere.

The Holland Jewish community succeeded in preventing the government from imposing a ban on ‘shechita’, the ritual slaughtering of animals for kosher meat.


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