Jewish Law

Talmud Torah in a Non-tznius Place



In a place where there are non-tznius people, is one allowed to learn Torah? What are the exact parameters for what is considered non-tznius in regards to this particular halacha? Is there an eitzah to obviate this problem, or is one simply putter from Talmud Torah in such a case?


To the Questioner, 

1. One may not pronounce words of Torah opposite exposure of hallachically considered ervah (Shabbos 150a). 

2. Some poskim allow for one to speak Torah opposite women who do not cover thier hair (See Yalkut Yosef 75-5). We do not find any such permissibility in regard to saying words of Torah opposite any other exposure than a married woman's hair. 

3. The advice to avoid this problem is to turn one's face and body to face a different side so that the ervah is now located to one's side; as long as the ervah is still located in front of the person opposite his eyes, even if his eyes are closed, it is not permissible. If it is not possible for him to turn to a different side, then it is still permitted for him to think words of Torah; one may just not pronounce them (Mishna Brurah 75-29).

With blessings