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Azaria Case Fails to Reach Compromise, Persian Gulf Unrest

Israel news:

Azarya case: In a meeting between Azaria’s defense lawyer and the Army prosecutor they found the gaps were too far apart to reach a compromise. This information was passed to the Army justices for further discussion.

Golan Heights:  A large fire is raging in the Golan Heights next to Maale Gamla.

World News:

London Attack: The names of 2 terrorists were publicized. They are Horam Bat age 27 who was already known to security authorities and Rashid Reduan who was previously unknown to security authorities.

Saudi Arabia closes Al-Jazeera offices: Saudi Arabia closed down the Al-Jazeera offices in the country and Egypt announced it was stopping flights to and from Qatar starting tomorrow. Egypt also gave the Qatar ambassador 48 hour notice to leave Egypt. Israel security minister Avigdor Lieberman says: “There’s no doubt that this opens possibilities for cooperation in the war on terror.”

Germany stated it is withdrawing its military personnel from the NATO base in Turkey.

Denmark is cutting aid to 24 Palestinian organizations that support terror. Prime Minister Netanyahu lauded the move.

5 killed in Orlando shooting:  John Robert Neuman Jr. age 45, walked into Fiamma Inc which is an awning company where he used to work. He shot people from point blank or very close range killing 5 and injuring 7. He then killed himself.


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