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Muslims Oppose Magnetic Gates by Temple Mount

Israel news:

3 Wakf members were arrested by Israeli Police for failure to report the intent of the terrorist to security forces beforehand and thereby becoming accomplices to the terrorist attack.

Calm has not yet returned to the Temple Mount: Since Friday’s terrorist attack security around the temple Mount has been beefed up including magnetic gates to detect weapons. Because of the gates, Muslim protested and refused to go up on the Temple Mount.

Elor Azarya was sent home to full house arrest: For the past year and a half he had to stay on the Nachshonim army base. But his army service terminates this week so he’s being sent home until his appeal at the end of the month. Despite Elor not being considered dangerous, the army judge decided along with the army prosecutor that his house arrest should be full and not partial as he is still charged with manslaughter unless the appeal is effective.

Muslim Druze unrest:  In Kfar Marar, the hometown of one of the policemen murdered at the Temple Mount on Friday a woman praised the terrorists for their attack. This made the Druze of the town very upset as the policemen killed were Druze. This morning they opened fire at the mosque in Kfar Marar and threw a stun grenade into the mosque. No one was harmed and only one mosque window was broken.
Israel police say they have open and undercover presence to prevent further unrest and the leaders of both the Muslim and the Druze communities call upon their communities to calm down and seek peace.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Dr. Amiram Goldberg a Hebrew University professor declared that any settler in Judea and Samaria is a terrorist, and that Israel is an apartheid state. Hebrew University, a home of ‘progressive thinking’ has many more Jewish professors who believe the same thing.

World news:

A CBS survey showed Trump has only 36% of the population behind him: The news was so fake that other networks like Fox didn’t even bother responding with a rebuttal.

The Syrian cease fire has the potential to destabilize the region because Iran wants to place organized troops including an air force and seas forces. Netanyahu commented that the cease fire strengthens Iran’s presence in the region instead of the opposite.

A 70 year old veteran Home Depot salesman who tried stopping shoplifters was fired from his Job at a Home Depot in Texas for going against company policy that only security personnel can stop shoplifters.


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