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New Hope for Millions of Cancer Patients

Top of the news: Netanyahu is flying to Singapore and Australia. Netanyahu will update his cabinet on his meeting with President Trump. Afterwards he will take a 3 day trip to Singapore and then Australia.


Hope for millions of cancer patients: Groundbreaking research finds that the salmonella bacteria can destroy cancer growths. The research was conducted on mice and showed that salmonella injected into the growths destroys them and then disappears.

A smart bus stop including a touch screen was installed in Ramat Hasharon.


Lebanon: Lebanese media publicized Hezbollah’s preparations for confronting Israel at the Lebanon- Israel border. These include tunnels dug and other activities deemed illegal according to UN Security Council resolution 1701.

Netanyahu: Iranians are conspiring to rule the world. In an interview with Fox News Netanyahu described his meeting with President Trump as ‘historical’ and explained the Iranian threat at length.

Over a year ago John Kerry organized a summit which took place between Jordan, Egypt and Israel out of the limelight, according to Egyptian sources. During this summit, Netanyahu rejected the agreement that would lead to a Palestinian State.

Israel fears in the South: Since Hamas relations with Egypt are improving, there is a fear the Egypt will open the Rafiah crossing into the Sinai through which iron and cement for terror tunnel building could easily be smuggled.  

U.S. News:

Trump speaks against media in Florida convention:  “The media is spreading lies. I will do everything in my power to stop this. The media is the enemy of the people. They are not interested in reporting the truth; I won’t let them defeat us”.

Israel weather:

Sunday: Clear with rise in temperatures back to normal seasonal levels. Strong easterly winds will blow in the mountains at night.

Monday: Clear with rise in temperatures mainly in the mountains. Strong easterly winds continuing in the morning.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with drop in temperatures.

Wednesday:  Clear to partly cloudy with slight rise in temperatures,


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