A match when the parents have the same names



Should one go into a match where both parents have the same name?? I read in the will of Rabbi Judah the Pious that it is forbidden, but what is the law? Thank you so much!


Many are stringent and don’t consider a match for this reason, but Rav Ovadya Yosef writes in his Yalkut Yosef: “When the names of the potential parents-in-law (the father of the groom and the bride's father) are the same, although the will of Rabbi Judah the Pious warns against it, the Gemara is not concerned about it, so a person does not have to be particular about it. And it is likewise permitted for two brothers to marry two sisters, and we are not particular about following the will of Rabbi Judah the Pious on this. And it is likewise allowed to marry a second wife that had the same name as the first wife, but one should change the name.”

But if you can add a name to one of the in-laws, that would be best, and one should also request a blessing from one of the leading sages in our generation.