Shalom, i live in israel and the woman with whom i intend to marry lives in the united states. we intend to do the religious ceremony in israel but the fact that the grandmothers of my future wife and other members of her family will not be able to move, what would be possible to do as a 2nd religious ceremony in the usa? Thank you for helping :-)


To the Questioner, 

According to Traditional Religious Orthodox Jewish law there is no additional ceremony to perform once a couple is married. 

What you can make for relatives who were unable to attend is a dinner celebration. 

In order that the dinner have the ruling of a Seudat Mitzva (a meal of Mitzva), it should be a meal where the attendees wash to eat bread and a Siyum (completion) on some section of Torah study is completed  at the meal (for example, a tractate of Talmud, Mishnayot, Navi). 

With blessing,
Rav Nachum