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Saudi Arabia is Not Happy with Iran

Israel news:

Israel China Bilateral Import Export agreement signed: Israel and China will have mutually recognized “authorized economic operators” to help facilitate the movement of Israeli merchandise into China as well as Chinese merchandise entering Israel.

British Minister of international development met with senior Israelis like Prime Minister Netanyahu and Gilad Erdan during her vacation visit to Israel and was reprimanded and forced to apologize for not updating the foreign ministry of her visit to Israel which is the normal protocol for visiting diplomats.

Israeli Shekel is world’s 2nd strongest currency: According to analysts at the central bank of Germany the Israeli Shekel strengthened 6.1% against the world currency basket.

Israel’s economic battle against terror is the topic of a new book by Israeli lawyer Nitsana Darshan- Leitner who is also the head of the NGO Shurat Hadin that wages legal battles against terrorists and the governments like Iran that support terror.  In her new book she discusses Israel’s economic methods to fight Hamas and Hezbollah.   

World news:

Saudi-Iran Tensions: Saudi Arabia blames Iran for the Houthi rebels launch of a ballistic missile from Yemen at its capital Riyadh and warned it may consider it an act of war.

Saudi-Iran Tensions, II: The Lebanese Prime Minister resigned on Shabbat and announced it from Saudi Arabia fearing for his life after an assassination attempt on him failed. He said that Lebanon is controlled by the Hezbollah and Iran. The Saudis say that because of Iran and Hezbollah we consider Lebanon an enemy.

At Asian Summit meeting Trump says “The time for tolerating North Korea has ended” garnering full support of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who also strongly opposes North Korea’s threatening position in the region.

Will Kiryat Yoel in Monroe become America’s first religious town? Having 22,000 Satmar Hasidim, today the village is voting on if they will become their own independent town.


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