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Teva Pharmaceuticals Will Let Thousands of Workers Go

Israel news:

A fire broke out in the forests near Bet Shemesh between the Moshav of Agur and Srigim. Firefighter and police are getting the fire under control and the aforementioned towns are not in danger.

A South Korean tourist is missing since Thursday evening when he jumped from the boat he was on in the Sea of Galilee near Ginossar. Police boats and helicopters are searching for him since then. They are assisted by volunteers and divers.

Jaffa Arabs riot continuing the unrest from last week’s reaction to the Police shooting of an Arab man. The police wanted to take in other family members for questioning sparking the riots Thursday night. After allowing the rioters to carry on, the police dispersed the crowds and the streets were quiet after 2 hours.

Teva Pharmaceuticals will lay off thousands of workers in Israel and around the world as it tries to stay solvent. After buying a generic drug business called Actavis from Allergan Pharmaceuticals last year for $40.5 billion, Teva started having major losses reaching 6 billion dollars in the second quarter of this year.

Since African foreign relations with Israel are warming up, 2 new ambassadors to Israel will come to represent their countries; Senegal and Guinea. They are slated to come and be instated in office next week.  

World news:

The Senate Passed the Taylor Force Act which will limit PA funding for terrorists by cutting PA funding until they show that they have stopped paying terrorists stipends. Taylor Force was an American veteran officer who survived Afghanistan only to be killed in a Terror attack in Jaffa.  State Secretary Rex Tillerson claimed that the PA had stopped these payments but the PA themselves refuted that claim many times since. Hopefully one source of Terror funding will be dried up.

Jewish Organizations praise the Senate for passing the Taylor Force Act: These organizations include the Orthodox Union and the Conference of Presidents of Jewish Organizations.

In Australia 2 terrorists who planned to blow up a plane and were arrested on July 15th actually received shipments of explosives from ISIS via Turkey according to police authorities at a press conference. Fox news reported that ISIS wanted to give an innocent looking meat mincer which was really a bomb to an Australian man who would be boarding a Sydney flight, according to Michael Phelan, the Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner. 


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