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Anne Frank Halloween Costume Denounced By ADL

Israel News:

IDF closes 8 Palestinian Broadcasting stations that broadcast incitement: Last night in a joint IDF and GSS campaign and the citizen council authorities closed down 8 broadcasting stations in in Nablus, Hebron and Ramallah that are all guilty of incitement to terror and murder. These stations are the media venues for the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movements. The stations are based in Gaza and Lebanon and will be able to keep on broadcasting but their physical presence in Israel has now ended.

Train hits truck that broke through barrier near the Lod station. 3 people were wounded 2 of them in critical condition. Travel between stations south of Lod to Tel Aviv is temporarily rerouted to buses from Lod to Tel Aviv and back.

Record rains fall in just 2 and half hours in northern Israel: 68 mm in Nahariyya, 26.9 in Rosh Hanikra and 22 mm in Meron. Nahariyya flooded from the sudden downpour.

Hamas PA reconciliation meant to facilitate Haled Mashaal’s rise to power from within: Mashaal will try to oust Ismail Henya the current head of Hamas in Gaza as Mashaal was the head of the Political Branch of the Terror organization for 20 years straight. Abbas from the PA is old and ailing and all other contenders for succeeding him are less popular than Mashaal in the Arab street. Hamas aligning with the PA at least officially helps get them closer to the power centers of the PA.

World News:

ADL denounces online costume company that sold ‘Anne Frank Halloween Costume’: The company wrote about the costume being ‘an inspiration for all of us’. The ADL tweeted that there are better ways to remember Anne frank and the costume trivializes her memory. A wave of criticism on social media made the company remove the costume from their online site.

After killing 3 in Ireland Yesterday, Storm Ophelia hits England with strong winds: 2 of those killed were crushed by trees that fell on their cars and one died in a chain saw accident while trying to cut down a tree that fell during the storm. Now the winds are whipping into England. Skies turned orange from Sahara sand whipped up and brought over by the storm and over 330,000 homes and businesses lost power.

Intel announces autonomous vehicle system at South Korea World knowledge Forum that can minimize the 40,000 US collisions annually to just 40 collisions. It is called the “Responsibility Sensitive Safety System” and prevents collisions regardless of the mistakes other drivers may make. The system includes cameras and laser scanners for 3600 coverage providing 3 dimensional data for the vehicle of its surroundings.


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