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Azaria Family Seeks Total Acquittal, IAF Attacks in Sinai Peninsula

Israel News:

Azaria family seeks total acquittal for their son Elor: The Army court recommended both sides withdraw their appeals and negotiate. But the Azaria family wants no less than total acquittal. They claim this is a golden opportunity for the Army Prosecutor to climb down from the tree he went up seeking a maximum punishment for something not even a crime.

The Haifa ammonia storage tank must be emptied by July 31st according to Supreme Court order.

Israel water rates are going down 14.5% staring from June.

MK Uri Maklev proposes world protest to Facebook asking them to remove any offensive posts containing words that deny the Holocaust.

World News:

12th suspect of Manchester terror attack was arrested today and taken in for questioning.

The Head of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly stated his concern of potential terror attacks and wants to prohibit anyone going on incoming or outgoing flights to and from the US from bringing any computers or electronics larger than a phone.

Israeli Air Force is reportedly attacking numerous targets in the Sinai Peninsula according to Arab media.

The US Bureau of Consumer Protection issued a warning that “spinners should be kept away from small children.”


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