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Hamas Terror Cell in Yesha Captured Before Attacking

Israel news:

Hamas terror cell operating from G’eva Binyamin was captured before carrying out attack: The cell was led by Abdallah Arar who was involved in the kidnap and murder of Nuriel Sasson. He was banished to Gaza in the Gilad Shalit prisoner trade and has since gone back to organizing terror. He got Arabs from G’eva Binaymin to create a cell and try purchasing illegal M-16 rifles giving them thousands of Shekels to do so. 17 members of his terror cells were captured this past month. Hamas' motivation for terror is up and they are trying to spread their influence far betond Gaza

Teenage terrorist girl Ahad Tamimi was indicted for 6 counts of violence against IDF soldiers and security personnel. Her mother Nariman was also indicted for involvement in the last incident a month ago.  

Jerusalem law passed requiring any land giveaways to be voted for by 80 MK’s: After a 3 hour session about the law it passed with 64 supporters.

Israeli weathermen say this winter is the hottest in 70 years and the driest since 1999. This year rainfall was half of the yearly national average and this past December was exceptionally hot.

Foreign news:

Venezuela is raising its minimum wage 40% which is sure to raise the inflation there. The economy in Venezuela is in shambles since losing income from oil sales. Basic products like food and medicines are in short supply.

Iran kills more protesters in many different places: 5 were killed and at least 1,000 young protesters were arrested in these spontaneous riots around Iran. A memorial building of Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Iranian Republic was also attacked by protesters.

Pence to visit Israel soon: Alyssa Farah spokeswoman for Vice President Mike Pence said rumors of a second postponement are not true and in mid-January VP Mike Pence will be visiting Israel

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