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New Details about London Terror Attack

Israel news
Security minister Avigdor Lieberman said “We won’t retake Gaza in next war” in an interview to the Israeli Network B and he also said “We’re closer than ever to a political solution.”

Earthquake emergency safety drills will take place throughout Israel from Sunday morning until Wednesday morning. Sirens will not be used.

After the Israeli state law advisor nixed the law cutting funds to terrorists 180 families who are terror victims wrote a letter with an emotional plea to the government to make sure the law is passed and stop rewarding terror.

Microsoft is developing a ‘big data’ tool to help prevent crib death. After a senior member of the Microsoft staff lost his son to crib death he is promoting the project to fight this mysterious death whose cause is yet unknown using the Microsoft cloud resources research has already found risk factors and they hope to save the lives of babies around the world.

World news

A terror tunnel was found under an UNWRA School in Gaza: The UN refugee agency said that the tunnel was discovered a week and a half ago under educational institutions in Gaza. “We demand that the Hamas honor our neutrality” UNRWA stated. Hamas denies anything to do with the tunnels and denounced the claims.

London terror attack details revealed: The terrorists tried renting a truck and prepared Molotov cocktails. The Truck rental was rejected because the terrorist’s credit card was rejected.  The 3 terrorists were killed before getting back to their van where over 12 Molotov cocktails were waiting. Had they succeeded in getting back to their van and driving to their next destination the carnage would have been much greater.

Qatar along with a few rouge nations believes “the Hamas is a legitimate oppositional movement and not a terror organization.”

UK conservatives lose majority: Theresa may believing surveys went on to a general election to bolster her standing hoping to increase her majority of conservatives in Parliament. However, astoundingly her party was set back, losing their majority. They are still the largest party but no longer a majority.


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