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Israelis Entering the US From Turkey Also Can’t Bring Computers With Them

Israel news:

The Airport Authority announced: “The prohibition to bring computers on planes the U S from Turkey, will also apply to Israelis flying through Turkey to the U S.

Crash: A bike rider was critically injured when he crashed into a tree on Mount Gilboa. He was evacuated to a Haifa hospital by helicopter.

Beware, the frozen beans from “Sunfrost” in Israel were found to be infested.

The Knessest passed a law extending birth leave for another week.

Ashdod: The port in Ashdod is affected by a strike. Workers left their posts and went on strike. The labor court ordered the workers to return to work.


Tragedy struck when a reserve soldier collapsed and died after running in the Jordan valley. A committee was appointed to investigate.

A soldier was slightly injured from shards in a rock throwing incident.

Economic news:

The Bank of Israel bought a few hundred million dollars to prevent the shekel from going up in price. This is the second consecutive day the bank is doing so.

Israel weather:

Today: Cloudy to partly cloudy. It will continue to be windy and a light rain will sprinkle most of Israel. Thursday: Cloudy to partly cloudy with local showers, possibility of thunderstorms. Friday: Local showers. Shabbat: Partly cloudy to clear with seasonal temperatures. 


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