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Torah Revival in Jerusalem’s Old City

It appeared that the sound of Torah learning almost stopped in the Old City — and suddenly it had returned, full of life. Yeshiva students and Torah scholars fill the halls of synagogues and study houses in the Old City of Jerusalem. Where do they keep the oil jug and the shofar from the Holy Temple? What is the legend about the Yeshivat Porat Yosef rocks? And why was the synagogue named after the prophet Elijah? Then and now in the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter

Returning to Judaism in the Galilee: Sparks of Jewish Life in the Ben Ami Village

You are invited to an unusual journey: A Shabbat in the Ben Ami village in the Galilee. A talk with a married yeshiva student who lives there permanently, a villager who has already studied the entire Talmud, words of inspiration during the Third Meal of Shabbat and fascinating Jewish legal questions about pecans. The awakening taking place in Israel’s north

Aleppo Empty of Jews: the Last Two Jewish Women Rescued and Brought to Israel

In a secret operation, the last two Jewish women living in Aleppo were smuggled to Israel between bombs and sniper fire. Only a few dozen Jews are left in Syria now. The ancient synagogues are empty, there is no one to take care of cemeteries and tombs of sages, and the contact with the last remaining Jews in the country, most of them older people, was lost due to fear of wiretappings. War in Syria: a rare Jewish view

"Everyone Deserves A Chance To Improve"- The Work Of A College Rabbi at Hermon Prison

At the Hermon rehabilitative correctional facility, the goal is to give the prisoners their life back again. The prisoners in the Torah section of the facility learn and study, become accustomed to working on their character traits and giving to others but mostly they learn from scratch how to hope once again. The Rabbi of this unusual college, Prison Officer David Ochanona, explains how to distinguish between the individual and his actions, and how not to give up on any person, whoever he is. "Hashem is merciful and helps all of his children, irrespective of where they have fallen to or how they have lapsed".

A Mission from the Heavenly Court

Alon Anava never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would be called to the Heavenly court and would undergo an experience that would turn his world upside down. He entered a taxi healthy on his way home from a "Passover party", and then, without prior notice, his soul flew out of his body and went to heaven. An instructive and chilling story of a man who faced an intense trial in the Heavenly court, and then, at the last minute, on the threshold of hell, was offered the deal of his life (literally and figuratively) which he grabbed with both hands

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