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Mike Pence Shows Solidarity Against Anti-Semitism

The Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked’s efforts to make the Supreme Court more conservative are bearing fruit. Two of the newly elected justices are from the national religious camp and the other two have conservative outlooks. The liberal agenda of judicial activism has been stopped and judges of that outlook have not been promoted.

Riots at Yosef’s Tomb: An IDF soldier was slightly wounded from an explosive device tossed at soldiers in Shechem who were there to secure the 1,000 worshippers praying at Yosef’s tomb. Three suspects were stopped with a pipe bomb and two Molotov cocktails.

Police testimonies released: Despite the many questions about the shooting and running over incident a month ago at the Bedouin Village of Umm-Al-Hiran the military investigators found no evidence that it was a terror attack.

The nine homes in Ofra: The government informed the Supreme court that they do not support the request of the petitioners to seal the 9 homes in Ofra instead of demolishing them according to the supreme court order.

“The Golan will never be given to Syria it will always be part of Israel” Netanyahu declared.

Barometric Id. Cards will be delivered to people’s houses in the next two weeks by 1,500 mail delivery men.

63% of these asked support leniency for Elor Azarya and 24% oppose it.

World news:

Vice President Mike Pence in an amazing act of solidarity against anti-Semitism came to the vandalized Jewish cemetery, put on work gloves, took a shovel and helped with the restoration efforts being done in the cemetery. He said: “There is no place in America for hatred or Anti-Semitism.”

$500,000 a day is the cost to secure the Trump towers in New York which comes out to $183 million a year. Every time the president goes to his private home in Florida it costs the taxpayer $ 3 million.

Israeli weather:

Thursday: Partly cloudy temperatures rising in the south. Tonight: Clear to partly cloudy.

Friday: Pleasant with rise in temperatures.

Shabbat: Pleasant with further rise in temperatures which will be higher than seasonal temperatures.

Sunday: Partly cloudy with temperatures above normal.


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