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North Korea Tested another Ballistic Missile

Israel News:

Israeli UN Resolution Gets Major Backing: Israel sponsored a resolution about the use of technology for sustainable agriculture in the UN Socio-Economic committee. Originally sponsored by Israel and adapted in 2007 to help promote food security and the sustainability of food systems in developing countries without sacrificing the resources of future generations the resolution received 141 votes for it, 1 vote against from Syria and 34 abstentions from the Arab bloc. 117 countries co-sponsored the bill and this number of supporters for an Israel sponsored resolution is the highest ever.

The Netiv Avot neighborhood in Elazar is being forcefully evacuated in another misguided pursuit of ‘justice’. A carpentry shop was destroyed and until March a total of 17 buildings and homes will be destroyed by the ‘Civil’ Authority. Shlomo Ne’eman the head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council said: “it’s very sad that we came to this shameful moment of losing control and sovereignty. We’re told this is the rule of the law and we say this is loss of the rule and destruction of the law. Not only was a structure destroyed this morning in Netiv Avot, the law of the sovereign nation in its land is harmed and buried under the ruins.” It should be mentioned that the Supreme Court is extremely zealous to protect the rights of so called owners of a narrow strip of land and happy to destroy the homes and lives of upright citizens by treating them like thieves though no ownership has in fact been proven and the land in essence is unclaimed.

Netanyahu visits Kenya for the inauguration of the re-elected President Uhuru Kenyatta: This is Netanyahu’s 3rd visit to Africa in the past year and a half. Netanyahu was the only foreign leader invited to speak at the inauguration. After the inauguration Netanyahu met with leaders of various African countries. Netanyahu is making ties with countries that don’t have diplomatic relations with Israel and creating mutually beneficial relationships, breaking up Israel’s isolation.

Hamas blames the PA for unity breakdown as they believe the PA demand that Hamas lay down their arms is not reasonable.

World news:

Kerry: “Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia we’re pushing us to bomb Iran before we made the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, it’s the only language they understand”. Kerry defended the deal and feels Trump’s decertifying it will cause Iran to push full speed ahead with their nuclear program (which they are doing anyway, see next headline).

Iran is developing a nuclear-powered submarine and is looking into making an aircraft carrier having greatly accelerated its naval program.

North Korea launched another ballistic missile only 6 weeks after its previous test launch: Called the “Hwasong 15″ missile it was fired at approximately 3:17a.m. Wednesday morning local time from a site near Pyongyang and flew 53 minutes reaching an altitude of 4,475 km (2,780 miles) and traveling a 950 km (600 miles) landing in Waters off Japan. North Korea announced this weapon was to protect against “the US imperialists’ nuclear blackmail policy and nuclear threat.” US scientists claim that the missile could hit Washington, D.C. if fired at a lower angle instead of mostly upward.


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