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White House Explains What Trump Meant About Sweden Terror Attack

Top of the News:

ISIS claims that Israeli drone killed 5 of its men in the Sinai. The Al Aemak news agency belonging to ISIS claimed that a drone attacked a car in the Rafiah area.

News :

Gulf States against Iran: in a conversation with the Israel Army Radio station Israel Katz a member of the security cabinet said that there is cooperation between Israel and the Gulf States against Iran.

Fire in Dimona apartment building:  21 people were injured in a fire that broke out in a Dimona apartment building. Firefighters and Magen David Adom evacuated the injured and trapped people including children.

Tax on third apartment released thousands of apartments to the real estate market stabilizing prices and preventing a price increase according to the treasury ministry.

Litzman on abuse of seniors:  “I won’t hesitate to close a senior citizen home that abuses its clients.” This morning the ministry of health announced that cameras are being installed in nursing homes under their supervision. Inspectors will also be added to ministry staff to make surprise inspections on these institutions.

U.S. news:

The White House explains what Trump meant: “He meant the rise of crime in the country. The president did not mean a specific incident.” Trump himself said; “I based myself on a Fox News report.” This was all in reference to Trump’s words talking of a Swedish terror attack when there wasn’t actually such an attack in 7 years.

Israel weather:

Today: Clear to partly cloudy with temperatures by the coast dropping slightly. Temperatures in the mountains will slightly rise and it will also be clear at night.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy; temperatures will drop in the mountains and inland.  

Wednesday: Partly cloudy with no temperature change. There is a chance of showers in southern and eastern Israel in the afternoon.

Thursday: Partly cloudy with no temperature change.


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