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PA Summer Camp Ends another Successful Session

Israel news:

The IDF, GSS, Border Police and regular police forces found weapons and apprehended 16 wanted terrorists in a joint campaign. The terrorists are presently being interrogated.

Jason Greenblatt will visit Israeli checkpoints to Gaza today to learn how they function.

PA Summer camp ends another successful season of hate indoctrination and military training for the young future liberators of Palestine. They ended with a parade and the groups were split into teams named Yasser Arafat and Azzadin Al-Kassam. This festive ceremony took place in the Dahaisha Refugee Camp which, like all refugee camps in Greater Israel, is funded by UNWRA.  This was money well spent.

World News:

Houston: Streets are 10 foot high rivers and more flooding is on the way: The death toll went up to at least 18 and no one knows how many more will die as people are stuck in their homes without water electricity and food. The possibility of starving is real and the rain water is polluted and not drinkable.

Many in the outlying areas around Houston evacuated themselves for lack of help from overwhelmed emergency responders and volunteers. Hatzalah has joined in the rescue efforts going from house to house, finding and evacuating people and giving them much needed food.

Louisiana is now threatened with flooding and already declared a state of emergency.

Kim Jong-un said his latest missile test which flew over Japan  was a practice run for attacking Guam and said he would do more missile tests over the  Pacific Ocean. Kim Jong-un remains defiant though even the UN is also mounting international pressure against him. The pressure came from a UN censure at an emergency meeting called by Japan which remains on a high state of alert since the missile flew over it.

Australian airline companies challenge the aviation world asking for a plane that can fly 20 hours straight without refueling.


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