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800 Apartments to be Built in Jersualem

Israel news:

Israel and India sign 7 agreements for mutual economic, technological and agricultural cooperation: Prime Minister Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi 7 different agreements between Israel and India some to do with the space program and some with water technologies. Netanyahu said they were making history together and would together change the world.

Israeli towns in the Gaza area will have their tax benefits extended for another 4 years.

Gaza sewerage pollution spilling into the Mediterranean Sea has brought about the closure of the Zikim Beach as unsafe for bathing.

The Supreme Court will probably support the deal which sends 3 oncologists to Shaarei Zedek Hospital’s Children’s ward. The health Ministry will answer the court explaining why it opposed the settlement suggested by the mediators.

In response to UNESCO’s shameful 3rd declaration meant to deny Israel its historical and organic ties to Jerusalem, 800 apartments were approved to be built in Jerusalem, all past the green line.

The Israeli Chief of Staff, Gadi Eizenkot said at a Knesset Security and Foreign affairs committee meeting: “Distancing Iran and minimizing its influence in Syria is no less important than defeating ISIS.”

World news:

Immigrant challenges cause diplomatic dispute between Italy and Austria: Italy wants the immigrants to proceed into Europe via Austria and Austria is closing off its borders and threatens to place soldiers along the length of its borders.

The African National congress which is the ruling party in South Africa called for downgrading their embassy in Israel for not being committed to the Palestinians. Israel called the South African ambassador to rebuke them on their biased position which includes many false accusations against Israel and is part of the Anti-Israel narrative totally divorced from reality.


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