If one was killed in the Protective Edge campaign against Gaza, is he considered a martyr?



On Shabbos, July 19, 2014, my brother who was serving in the reserves was killed at 9:15 in the morning during the Protective Edge campaign in the area of Bari, on the border of the Gaza Strip. What does it mean concerning him? Did he die for the sanctification of G-d or not?  P.S. My brother was 45 years and 9 months old when he was killed (he was born on October 16, 1968, four days after Yom Kippur).


There is no doubt that your brother died for the sanctification of G-d and is considered as one who were killed by a hostile regime, about which it is said that no creature can stand in his presence. He gave his life to save the Jewish people and now his portrait appears on our Creator's garment. As the Zohar explains, all the martyrs are drawn on G-d’s garment. G-d will exact revenge for them when He takes revenge for the entire Jewish people, may it happen soon.