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Shootout at Las Vegas Strip, Terror in Edmonton

Israel news:

Prisoner cell phone smuggling ring caught: Israeli Police discovered a smuggling ring responsible for getting cell phones to security prisoners in jails through the distributers delivering goods to the jail canteens.

Netanyahu apologizes on behalf of the Government that no representative appeared at the memorial ceremony for the fallen soldiers of the Yom Kippur War. He said: “It is a painful mistake.”

World news:

Terror in Edmonton: Near Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton a Somali Muslim terrorist drove a white Chevrolet Malibu into a police officer and sent him flying. He then got out and stabbed the officer multiple times and fled. A U-Haul van was stopped and the driver was identified as the driver from the white Malibu but he gunned his motor and took off with police pursuing him. The driver drove into 4 pedestrians before his van turned over and he was arrested. Miraculously, the policeman that was hit by the car and then stabbed many times was only lightly wounded.

Shootout at Las Vegas Strip: On Sunday night, the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the strip near the Mandalay hotel was in concert. At the end of the concert at about 10 pm, gunfire from automatic weapons was heard. Many people were injured and the police locked down the area including casinos and hotels. So far 2 people are dead and 24 injured 12 of them are considered fatally injured. The lone shooter was shot and killed by police.

Trump may kill Iranian Deal since Russia is covering for them: Nikki Haley called Russia out for covering Iran and agreeing that nuclear inspectors have no authority to visit Iranian military nuclear facilities. Trump said this deal is the worst deal that ever happened and especially since compliance can’t be confirmed it should be scrapped. Last week Iran touted a ballistic missile with a 1200 mile range in a parade, and this is not what being peaceful is all about.

90% of Catalonia voted for independence: Yesterday Spanish violence was rampant in Catalonia during and after the independence referendum. Police broke into and confiscated ballots which were ‘illegal’ under Spanish law. Catalonians didn’t just sit back and let the Spanish police harass the elections. They blocked police cars with tractors and fought with police. 844 people were injured requiring hospitalization and 33 policemen were injured. 2,262,424 people vote yes for independence. But that didn’t stop the Spanish Prime Minister from saying in a speech to the public that “Most Catalonians didn’t vote for independence and decided to stand on the side of our democracy”. Someone is playing make-believe.

The Washington Post reports that Egypt seized a shipment of 30,000 RPG rockets concealed in a North Korean Ship after getting tipped off by US intelligence in August.


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