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Vegas Death Toll up to 59 and 527 Wounded

Israel news:

Handicapped protesters block Ashdod Port entrance: Instead of blocking main highways and disrupting traffic the handicapped protesters blocked the Ashdod port entrance causing a backup of hundreds of trucks full of merchandise that had to get in.

The family of the Har Adar terrorist was given a 72 hour notice before the IDF comes in and knocks down their home or they can file an appeal. Since terrorists value property more than even their own lives, knocking down houses makes them think twice before considering ruining the life for their families and is a deterrent against terror.

IDF officer inspectors were able to ‘steal’ secret command documents which were supposed to be secured and classified from an army base in the south. If such a document would fall into enemy hands it would compromise the campaign the command was meant to do as the enemy would prepare ahead of time against it. This would endanger the lives of many soldiers and civilians.

MK Kahlon still hasn’t given up on the 3rd apartment tax after it was struck down and said: “Apartments aren’t an investment instrument.”

World news:

The Death Toll in Vegas is up to 59 and 529 were injured in the most deadly shooting incident in American history. Stephen Paddock a hotel guest using a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel opened fire from his room down onto a huge concert crowd with automatic weapons. He shot for about 5 minutes straight killing people as if in shooting practice. He had 23 firearms inside his hotel room. After shooting he shot himself dead.

The President of Catalonia called for the referendum results to be honored granting independence to Catalonia. He turned to the international community to mediate between them and Spain. Hundreds were injured in the riots on the day of the referendum but though it is now calm the Spanish Interior minister announced that the deployment of thousands of policemen in Barcelona will continue until further notice.

Facebook told Congressional investigators that Russia spent $100,000 on 3,000 ads to influence US public opinion and the elections over the period between 2015 and 2017. Facebook is creating more backup measures to make sure their ads can’t be used for illegal purposes, racism and stereotyping. Such measures will include making ads from organizations and institutions visible to people outside of the target audience and hiring 1,000 people to scan the net for harmful content.


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