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IDF Enters Offense Phase of 11 Day Military exercise

Woman Gives Birth at Home Because of Hurricane Irma

IDF Enters Offense Phase of 11 Day Military exercise
Israeli news:

3 foiled stabbing attempts at the Machpela Caves in Hebron: A 15 year old Palestinian was stopped in what was a third foiled terror attempt this week alone. He looked suspicious and security officers had him raise his shirt where he had a knife concealed. He grabbed to try and stab someone but surrendered when faced with automatic weapons all pointing at him. These attempts are directly related to the rhetoric coming from PA leadership about Israel not having historical ties to Hebron all these millennia which unfortunately received the backing of UNESCO. If the PA was not encouraged to believe they would get rewarded for terror their incentive to carry out terror attacks would diminish.

11 day IDF joint forces military exercises will begin and it will concentrate on repelling Hezbollah penetration of Israel. It includes the F-35 Adir Stealth fighters and the “200 brigade” which specializes in drone warfare.Repelling the Hezbollah was only the first step but now in the offense phase the next step is destroying their missile launching infrastructure and military hierarchy by killing senior command officers. The attack on Hezbollah will be multi-pronged with forces from the air, from the sea and on the ground simultaneously.

Arabs sue PA for torturing them but “Humanitarian NGO’s will not provide legal and logistical assistance: After an Israeli court decision made the PA responsible for unlawfully torturing, maiming and killing collaborators the Arab victims were now able to sue the PA for compensation and punitive damages. But no ‘Humanitarian N.G.O.’ will help these victims file their claims with legal assistance or doctors to document the damages inflicted says Attorney Barak Kedem who maintains: “They only assist those who want to sue Israel.” These broken and maimed victims will get no help from the so called “Human Rights” activists especially since some of them actually seek out and inform the PA on Arabs who dared sell land to Jews then the PA kills them. This is very ‘humanitarian aid’ and their care for human rights is ‘admirable’.

World news:

Miami residents are beginning to come home as their area was hit but no as hard as the Florida Keys.

6.5 million people were evacuated, 200,000 stayed in shelters and 5.8 million homes and businesses don’t have electricity.

The damages from Irma and Harvey are estimated to be $290 billion. Trump said “These are tragic storms and we will provide federal resources to help our American brothers.”

A woman in the little Haiti neighborhood in Miami gave birth at home on Sunday. She called the Miami police who couldn’t come but they got medical staff on the phone with her and told her how to give birth on her own. After the birth she was taken by helicopter ambulance to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami
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