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As Israel Buries its Terror Victims, Most Arabs Agree: Israel Has No Right to Minimal Security

Attempted arson terror: Two 15 year old Palestinians were shot as they approached the security fence of Tzofim, a Jewish community in Samaria with burning tires on Sunday evening.  They were shot in the lower extremities and evacuated to a hospital.

Shot trying to escape security check: In the Jordan Valley an Arab driver trying to flee a routine security check was shot by IDF soldiers on Sunday. Driving suspiciously and without documents, the soldiers allowed the driver to go back home to retrieve his documents following him in a jeep. But he tried to flee and veered off his route home attempting to escape. Soldiers neutralized by shooting him in the leg when he tried fleeing on foot. He too was taken to the hospital.

The Pope prays for dialogue between sides in Israel: Pope Francis entreats the sides in Israel to exercise moderation and dialogue to end Temple Mount violence. Though it was very hot, many people attended his address in St. Peter’s Square where he said he was “following the violence and grave tensions in Jerusalem with great fear…I feel the need to express a heartfelt appeal for moderation and dialogue,” and prayed “that the Lord inspire all involved with proposals for reconciliation and peace.”

Mr. Brutal Force Erdogan hypocritically blasted Israel over its “use of excessive force” at the Temple Mount to quell the violence. Erdogan said Israeli security measures used by Israel on the compound “unacceptable” and urged the international community to immediately take action to stop the restriction of the freedom to worship at the Temple Mount. To Erdogan and many others the right to pray at the Temple Mount obviously means the right to pray fully armed (for self-defense of course, why else would an innocent Muslim need to carry arms!)

Lapid defends metal detectors:  “PA and Arab world incitement is the number one problem in Israel.” said Lapid. Terror is what brought about the metal detectors and there’s no reason to make believe such a security measure is an attack on Islam or the Temple Mount. MK Michael Oron added: “The Waqf and the PA would be wise to work with Israel and stop the incitement and de-legitimization of Israel but if it doesn’t, Israel can defend itself alone.”

BBC concerned about Arab anxiety about status quo in interviewing MK Naftali Bennett. Bennett responded by saying that the temple Mount is open to worshippers and if metal detectors are acceptable in Mecca and the Vatican and in Westminster then they are acceptable at the Temple Mount.

Egypt: Israel self-defense is violence against the innocent: On Friday the Egyptian Foreign Ministry told Israel to “stop using excessive force against innocent Palestinians causing the escalation of violence, and that Israel be reasonable and not be pulled into anything that could endanger future negotiations between the PA and Israel.”
Thousands attend Solomon family funeral: Surviving family members bid farewell to Elad Solomon a loving father to five children now orphaned and dear husband to his wife Michal. Elad’s father and sister were also eulogized and buried together in a terribly sad and painful funeral. The grandmother, Tova Solomon who was critically wounded in the brutal and bloodthirsty terror attack, was brought in an intensive care ambulance and sat in a wheelchair to attend the funeral of her husband Yosef, son Elad and daughter Chaya. They were buried in the Modiin cemetery. May G-d avenge their blood and end the suffering of our nation with the final redemption.

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