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US South Korea Military Exercises Today in China Sea

Israel News:

In response to lawsuits filed with the Supreme Court last Thursday pertaining to the Western Wall, the Israel Rabbinate issued a statement to the Supreme Court: “Israeli law says decisions on the Western Wall are not in the purview of the Supreme Court and they have no authority on such matters”. This statement true as it may be will definitely ruffle the feathers of those who sit in the ivory tower and believe everything is in their purview to decide.

Sinai gunfire passes into Israel:  During skirmishes between Egypt and insurgent forces in Sinai some gunfire penetrated Israel. No one was harmed and no property was damaged. The IDF believes the fire was accidental and not aimed at Israel.

Israeli Cancer Society recommends increasing taxes on tobacco products to the level of cigarette taxes. Meanwhile people can roll their own cigarettes and pay a fraction of what a pack of cigarettes costs. Some key government officials are against raising the tax and you can’t help but wonder why.

World news:

The Spanish Policeman who killed 4 of the 5 Barcelona terrorists doesn’t consider himself a hero. The Catalonian Policeman killed 4 of the terrorists and ended the bloodshed on Friday. His name is classified to protect his identity. Thank G-d the officer needed some extra cash and was working overtime when he spotted the terrorists and killed them.

The US and South Korea are doing joint military exercises today in the China Sea which are bound to have North Korea on high alert. Let’s hope nothing escalates from these exercises.

The solar eclipse will start at about 10:15 in the morning Pacific Time and proceed eastward to the east coast diagonally from Northwest to south eastern United States making a 70 mile swath of land that will see a total eclipse from Oregon and end near Charleston, South Carolina before heading out to the sea. The duration of the eclipse over the US will be only 1 hour and 33 minutes all together.

An Earthquake in the Pacific Ocean 500 km west of the island of Tonga was detected being 6.4 on the Richter scale. No damage or deaths were reported.

The death toll in Congo is expected to rise to 200 people from mudslides caused by torrential rains.


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