Jewish Law

Marrying a Convert



Shalom, My name is Stefon. I'm waiting to hear back from the Beis Din regarding beginning my classes. I was looking up the topic on marriage. However, There is no information on the marriage of a convert, who was divorced twice and has three children from those marriages years before his conversion . Is that convert permitted to marry a Jewish woman with no children?


To the Questioner, 

According to Jewish Law, if one had chilren while a non-Jew he has already fulfilled the mitzva of having children. 

Source: Be'er Haitaiv, Yoreh Deyah 1:11. 

Therefore, upon converting he does not have a Torah mitzva obligation to marry a woman who can have children, and for that reason he may marry even a woman who cannot have children. 

[Note: There is still a preference, even in such a case, to marry a woman who can have children.]

With blessing, 
Rav Nachum