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UK Critical Alert Manchester Bombing, ISIS attack Philippines

Israel news:

Jerusalem Liberation Day: Visitors started going to Jerusalem to visit the western wall and the old city which was liberated today. Many also visited or will visit the tomb of Samuel the prophet on the northern edge of Jerusalem in honor of the day of his passing.

Netanyahu comments on Manchester attack: “If the attacker would be a Palestinian the PA would send payments to his family.”

World news:

Trump’s trip: Trump landed in Rome and he will be visiting the Vatican and seeing the Pope.

Hamas denounces Manchester attack: “We denounce the terror attack against innocent people.”

The youngest victim was an 8 year old girl named Saffy Rose Rousse. She came to the concert with her mother and sister who were also injured.

UK still on high alert for more terror attacks: Yesterday a Manchester mall was evacuated and a part of the commercial district cordoned off for 8 hours due to a malicious false bomb threat including a fake bomb. UK Prime Minister Theresa May declared the heightened security from ‘serious’ to ‘critical’.

North Korea is close to attaining a missile with a nuclear warhead capable of threatening the US, according to Pentagon warnings.  

Emmanuel Macron asks Europe “To increase cooperation in the battle against terror because of the Manchester attack.”

Researchers isolate 52 genes which influence human intelligence: In a study of 80,000 people findings show that people that had similar high test scores quite often had similar genetic makeup.

Philippines attacked by ISIS soldiers: Philippines President Duterte declared martial law around the entire Mindanao area because of the Marawi attack. The Philippine army wanted to catch a wanted person and the armed ISIS unit prevented them wreaking havoc, lighting buildings on fire including a church and a prison.

Obama’s administration spied on many Americans for years according to just released secret documents.

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