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Survival Tips for a Heat Wave

In Israel a heat way is underway, temperatures on Shabbat were 350C and it may be hotter getting to 39 on Sunday and Monday.  The Ministry of health publicized a list of heat wave survival tips:

To minimize getting harmed from the heat:

  • At peak temperature hours a person should stay in an air conditioned place. The air conditioner needn’t be on all day but should definitely be on during these peak hours (11:00 am-4:00 pm).
  • Fans may help lessen the feeling of heat but won’t help if the temperature is 350C indoors.
  • During peak hours ‘triss’ window covers and/or curtains should be drawn closed to minimize heat buildup from the sun entering your home. This can prevent 80% of heat penetration to your home.

What to avoid during a heat wave:

  • Avoid going outdoors during peak hours. Limit outdoor physical activities to either early morning or in the evening.
  • If you must do physical activities make sure to drink water during those activities. Add 2-4 glasses of cold water to your normal daily intake.

If you must go outdoors:

  • Make sure to wear a shade hat with a wide brim and wear sun-glasses, light colored light weight clothing. Use sunblock cream to prevent sunburn.
  • Rest in the shade often.
  • Drink a lot, 8-10 glasses of cold water:  Avoid sweetened drinks and drinks containing alcohol or caffeine. Speak to your doctor if you need to minimize drink intake for health reasons.
  • Eat light balanced meals.



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